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      Born and raised in Brantford, Ontario, mpbell beme a steelworker in Hamilton in the 1960s. In his first reer move, he joined the Royal nadian Mounted Police and was transferred to Vancouver in 1969, later joining the RCMP drug squad in 1973.

      With more than twelve years experience with the RCMP, mpbell transitioned into death investigation, establishing Vancouver’s first District Coroner’s Office in 1981 and becoming the Chief Coroner for British Columbia in 1996. In this pacity, he beme the inspiration behind the popular CBC drama Da Vinci’s Inquest, as well as its spin-off, Da Vinci’s City Hall. Larry mpbell was intimately involved with the television programs, writing and collaborating on scripts for the series.

      A huge proponent of the Four Pillars approach to ending drug abuse, mpbell ran for Mayor when he felt this strategy was being neglected. In 2002 he was elected by the citizens of Vancouver under the banner of the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) in what was a landslide election. rrying on the legacy of his predecessor Philip Owen, Mayor mpbell spearheaded the approval and establishment of North Ameri’s first legal safe injection site and continued to champion the Four Pillars Drug strategy.?In addition to drug and crime prevention, he was also instrumental in the successful Vancouver bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

      In August 2005, mpbell was summoned to the Senate of nada by Prime Minister Paul Martin. As a Senator, mpbell has continued his work on drug policy, mental health, and aboriginal issues.

      In 2009, mpbell co-authored a book titled A Thousand Dreams: Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and the Fight for its Future with Neil Boyd and Lori Culbert.

      He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from City University in Vancouver.